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Planning for a wedding is a monumental task. Done right it can be a enjoyable experience, and not something that one considers a burden. During the wedding planning process, some decisions are generally made by the bride, and others by the groom, and many decided together. 

And that is why within the Phoenix Groom Guide and Phoenix Bride Guide, some categories are exclusive to each site will others are visible on both sites. For instance, a reception hall and Phoenix Disc Jockey may be chosen by the bride, or they may be chose by the groom. You will find Reception Halls and DJ's/Music on both sites. But generally it can be assumed that the bride will be choosing the flowers, and working with the dress shops. So, those categories will be found on this site exclusively.

Wedding Сeremony

21 September — 11.00 AM
Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens

Wedding Dinner

1 OCT— 7.00 PM
Antigua Garden

Wedding Party

2 OCT— 2.00 PM
The Legacy Ballroom

Phoenix Wedding
Wedding Planners

Phoenix Wedding
Wedding Planners, Wedding Officiates, Music in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Honeymoon Rentals

Hundreds of California Vacation Rentals for your Honeymoon Destination. From Las Vegas to Florida. Many Beach Rentals.

Music DJ's

Windy City DJ's - Phoenix
For more than 24 years, they have been trusted by over 10,000 Arizona brides and over 1000 businesses to perform at their weddings and corporate events.

Phoenix Bride 

While we could have listed Phoenix Resorts, on the Phoenix Groom Guide site as well,
it is only listed here.
If you are having visitors from out of town and they enjoy golfing,
be sure to show them some
local favorite golf courses on the Phoenix Groom Guide site.
We hope you find the information within this site helpful and useful,
and we wish you all the best on your Wedding Day.

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